Deep Freeze Cloud Console and Services Release Notes


Current Versions


Cloud Services

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Deep Freeze:


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Incident Reporting:


Cloud Sync:


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Software Updater (Windows):


Software Updater (Mac):


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Remote Connect:



Other Utilities

Active Directory Import:


Anti-Executable Data Import:


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On Demand Cloud Relay:


Deployment Utility:


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Imaging Server Setup:


Remote Connect Client:




·        Deep Freeze v8.71 and Cloud Agent (with updated DLL) are now available and will be deployed into production in stages. Contact Technical Support at for more information.

·        Deep Freeze Cloud does not support Core Isolation at this time. Core Isolation must be disabled before installing Cloud Agent. On systems where Core Isolation is enabled, Cloud Agent installation will be aborted, and Core Isolation must be manually disabled.



Version 1.23.1011 (October 11, 2023)


New Features


·        Support for macOS Sonoma 14.

·        ARD tasks set to run as root by default.

·        On systems running macOS Monterey 12 and higher: Deep Freeze will not perform major macOS updates when installing system updates during maintenance schedule.




45847 Resolved an issue with being unable to create Thawspaces in certain conditions. (CN# 502737)



Known Issues


Cloud Console

42458 Unable to filter the group if the group name contains the backslash (\) character.

31583 Grouped View disappears from the Application, Windows Updates and Imaging pages after the page is refreshed.


Anti-Virus Service

23670 If FAVECore is killed during a virus definition update, it crashes upon recovery and the definition update cannot finish.

10682 There is a discrepancy between reports in Anti-Virus Service when run on Deep Freeze Cloud Console. (Case No. RUU-426-83641)


Deep Freeze Service

45820 DFInstall.log does not log notification messages in the Japanese and Chinese languages.

45574 In Frozen mode, LAPS registry is created with value '0' when that registry was deleted in Thawed state.

45406 Trackpad remains disabled after computers complete the maintenance mode and reboots.

45212 Some Deep Freeze functions are not accessible when using NVDA screen reader.

44707 'Manage Virtual Memory' option does not turn off if free space on the host drive of the Page File becomes less than 10%.

44670 Deep Freeze functionality does not work when UEFI is enabled.

44429 In particular condition, Deep Freeze stopped monitoring Page File settings even when the 'Manage Virtual Memory' option is enabled and Page File was set by Deep Freeze.

44401 In particular condition, Deep Freeze gets installed with 'Manage Virtual Memory' option and less than 10% free space left on system drive.

44170 Blue welcome settings screen pops up when rebooting the computer in Frozen status.

44077 Iron Key USB device incorrectly detects disk free space when Deep Freeze is installed.

43505 Data gets corrupted on the data partition with FAT32 file system.

43092 Windows Updates is failing when trying to utilize Windows Update cache.

40205 Deep Freeze Installer sees the virtual Google Drive as a volume that can be Frozen.

39439 Incompatibility issues between Deep Freeze and Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) Software Metering feature.

38240 Lenovo IdeaCentre AIO 5 touch screens are disabled after installing the latest version of Deep Freeze.

36894 Systems running Deep Freeze will not boot with Virtualization Based Security enabled.

36627 Audio device issues after installing Deep Freeze.

36310 Unable to install Deep Freeze on Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session (Azure-hosted).

31745 Touchscreen Computer assigned to restart after being left idle for 5 minutes does not restart after time has passed. (Case No. MUI-563-84154)

30333 Supported files like .cmd; .bat; .ps1; .vbs and URL are not accepted for Remote Launch and Push and Launch in Deep Freeze Dashboard.

28006 Windows 10 or 11 computer randomly hangs, stops responding to commands, and loses connection with the console. Hard restart works around the issue.

25020 Computer crashes when loading virtual disk image using Arsenal Image Mounter software while in Frozen mode. (Case No: ELF-471-54366)

24509 Disk usage reaches high level, causing machines to become unresponsive when frozen. (Case No. NSE-489-63163)

22504 Deep Freeze will not freeze systems on a Hyper-V Gen 2.

21568 Issues with Dell full disk encryption software when Deep Freeze is installed. Knowledge Base.

21171 Unable to install apps from the Windows App Store once Deep Freeze is installed. Enable Windows Update service as a workaround.

20074 Installing Deep Freeze on computers in some circumstances results in slow login when in a Frozen state. (Case No. RNC-407-21957)

19968 Protection issues for server guests using specific hardware/software combinations. (Case No. XHG-591-45672)

19250 Cannot select a ThawSpace as a backup target using the Windows 7 backup functionality. (Case No. GXN-334-45610)

18513 Installation of Deep Freeze computer fails if user login name contains double byte characters. (Case No. OWZ-638-83495)

11387 NTFS Storage Spaces not supported. BSOD occurs on reboot on Windows 8 and higher computers with single or multiple NTFS Storage Spaces.


Deep Freeze Mac Service

33583 Software update to Catalina 10.15.7 may fail to mount StorageSpace.

33222 On Big Sur Apple Silicon Architecture: Software Update failed to install during Deep Freeze Maintenance Mode.

32020 On dual-boot macOS with Catalina startup volume: 'Big Sur -Data' volume is not showing in the Deep Freeze Volumes tab.

26234 Software Update and App Store setting are not reverted after Deep Freeze is uninstalled

26024 Newly added APFS volume while Deep Freeze is installed will be thawed until the policy is reapplied.


Cloud Sync Service

14951 When using Cloud Sync and connecting through Dropbox the 'Learn More Link' is not readable. (Case No. DZA-411-42996)


WINSelect Service

45508 WINSelect Cloud DllLoader.exe is showing up on Windows 11 computers when trying to launch FireFox. (CN# 450965)

43545 Range of IP addresses from disallowed range are not getting blocked in Edge and Chrome browsers.

42112 On Windows 11: Disallowed network shared IP address is accessible in some apps (for example, Notepad, MS Paint)

42110 On Windows 11: Disabled file extensions can be opened and new file can be created for some types of disabled extensions.

42092 On Windows 11: Disabled drive is still accessible even when 'Disable Selected Drives' setting is enabled.

42083 Microsoft Edge browser does not recognize defined 'Internet Browser' settings.

40134 On Windows 11: Restrictions error message pops up after logging in to system in Kiosk mode.

40130 On Windows 11: Some taskbar icons are not hidden even when 'Hide Taskbar Icons' is set in the policy.

40128 On Windows 11: Some Start Menu items are not getting disabled even after they are disabled in the policy.

21116 WINSelect is allowing right-click on the Internet Explorer icon in Kiosk Mode. (Case No. XIY-539-76071)


MDM Service

23606 The iOS Devices page displays an orange device icon, indicating an out-of-date OS, after the device has been updated to the latest version of iOS.

23428 iOS updates are automatically installed even if the 'Download and let user install' option is selected.


Software Updater Service

42447 Able to successfully update Chrome locally while the browser is open, but is marked as failed in the Cloud console.

27883 Wireshark installation failed on Windows 8.1 Operating System. 

26859 Software Updater Cache Server is bypassed after 5 attempts to download the software package.

26568 In certain scenarios, Patch Scan reports incorrect install status of already installed updates.

26504 Original Windows Update settings does not get restored when Windows Update is no longer managed by Software Updater.


Imaging Service

34748 Deployment over PXE fails when using French boot image and the 'Choose Partition' option is selected and configured.

33628 FAVECore and FAVEService crash after completion of Capture Image task.

29965 In certain condition, ThawSpace that has been set to AutoGrow and is already over 75% full gets corrupted after deployment of captured image


User Management Service

29825 When setting up SAML manually, certificate file gets imported even after selecting invalid (.cert or .pem) certificate file.


Remote Connect Service

36309 In certain conditions, Remote Connect via VNC gets stuck on the login screen.

36282 Remote VNC connection sometimes fails with 'Connection Failed - Invalid protocol' error message.

36281 On Windows 10: Sometimes 'Windows Security' notification pops up during Remote Connect installation when password is set for VNC in policy.

29686 Previous remote connection does not get disconnected properly after connecting to the same computer remotely again.

29670 Unable to perform multiple remote connections when using Firefox browser.

29603 Remote connection gets disconnected after a few seconds if no activities is detected after being connected.

29474 Cannot remote connect to a computer if Application Install/Uninstall/Upgrade task is in process.


Cloud Agent

45493 Computers are performing maintenance mode outside the scheduled times. (CN# 450839)

45474 Computers are running into issues using Deep Freeze Cloud on systems with Core Isolation enabled. (CN# 450733)

42298 Installation and update of Evernote application fails on Mac computers.

42276 On the console, status for Mac computers sometimes displays offline initially after installing the Cloud Agent.

42256 After upgrading the Cloud Agent, Deep Freeze Mac status is not restored to Frozen until system is rebooted or the next heartbeat interval.

42220 When installing/uninstalling/updating Applications locally on Mac computers, the Application status is not updated in real-time on the console until system reboot.

40275 In particular condition, computers do not shut down after maintenance ends if 'Shutdown after maintenance period' option is enabled in the policy.

36018 In a particular condition, upgrading Cloud Agent to the latest version fails.

35827 StorageSpace folder is unmounted and Cloud Agent is uninstalled automatically after installing VIPRE antivirus.

30237 FWAService crashes after assigning policy that has 32 scheduled Deep Freeze tasks.



45039 Scheduled Policy is not displayed on 'Scheduled Policy Update' page.



Version 1.23.1003 (October 3, 2023)




45002 Resolved an issue where, in the Deep Freeze on Demand page, when the 'Results per page' is anything other than 50, the Deep Freeze on Demand page reverts back to the first page after one minute. (CN# 32910)



Version 1.23.0926 (September 26, 2023)




·        Imaging

o   Supports using OEM product key when creating Deployment Packages.

o   Supports PXE multi-boot.

o   New 'Tags' column in the WinPE Drivers tab.

·        MDM

o   Ability to update assigned apps to selected devices.




Imaging Service

46107 Resolved an issue where the User Profile redirection pre-requisite check failed when there is a service-created User Profile.

45868 Resolved an issue where, in certain conditions, the System Drive was not visible in WinPE.

45863 Resolved an issue where USB creation errors out as media creation failed.

45862 Resolved an issue with captured images pushed over PXE not being reported back to the console.

45860 Resolved an issue with where Imaging was showing as expired even when the contract is still valid.

45785 Resolved an issue where a system could not be imaged without an SD card installed in the SD card reader. (CN# 502068)

43330 Resolved an issue where captured images were disappearing from the list in Deep Freeze Cloud Imaging Server although they are in the correct location. (Case No. HHT-152-69783)



Version 1.23.0912 (September 12, 2023)


Deep Freeze Enhancements


·        Modern Standby & Hibernation Compatibility – Deep Freeze computers now support Modern Standby, Hibernation, and Fast Startup power options, which can save energy and improve battery life. Requires compatible systems.

·        Uninterrupted Maintenance – Deep Freeze computers now remain powered on during the Workstation Task period, ensuring the system does not go into a power-saving mode.

·        Improved Local Wakeup – Deep Freeze now ensures the local wake timers under Windows Power Options are enabled when the 'Attempt to wake up locally' option is selected for Workstation Tasks.

·        LAPS Compatibility – Deep Freeze is now compatible with Windows Local Administrator Password Solution to avoid synchronization issues with the Domain Controller when the computer is in a Frozen state.

·        Deep Freeze Log Files – Automatically back-up Deep Freeze logs on the client side for optimal performance.

·        Manage Virtual Memory – Selecting this option under Advanced options allows Deep Freeze to manage paging file size to better handle performance issues on computers with limited RAM.





46070 Resolved an issue with being unable to delete old policies due to the policy update having been scheduled even when there was no task pending. (CN # 505367)


Deep Freeze Service

45870 Resolved an issue with being unable to sign in with the generated OTP for a Deep Freeze Cloud computer.

43598 Resolved an issue where computers were randomly hanging with no discernable pattern.

43933 Resolved an issue where the touchscreen function gets disabled overnight and the device manager displayed error code 22.

44096 Resolved an issue where Windows 10 and 11 (version 22H2) computers were being incorrectly displayed under 'Deep Freeze on Demand' page.

42861 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze Windows Updates task did not remove some of the temporary files from the Windows Updates cache location.

42541 Resolved an issue where services running in the background unexpectedly triggered and installed Windows Updates.

40436 Resolved an issue where the laptop battery would drain at a faster rate when the computer entered modern standby mode.

38240 Resolved an issue where touch screens were unexpectedly disabled after unlocking the computer.

36506 Resolved an issue where Combination Tasks did not work properly when sub-tasks crossed midnight.

28183 Resolved an issue with Windows Defender blocking Deep Freeze executable files.

28006 Resolved an issue where systems may randomly hang during Frozen state. It is recommended to always enable the new 'Manage Virtual Memory' checkbox to allow Deep Freeze to manage paging file size in order to optimize efficiency.



Version 1.23.0905 (September 5, 2023)


Note: Anti-Executable version 6.11 is now available for all users.




Version 1.23.0828 (August 28, 2023)




·        UNC path support for Custom Scripts.

·        Option to display the execution logs for Custom Scripts on the console.





Cloud Agent

·        Resolved an issue where installation of Cloud Agent could not proceed on computers where compatible services of Core Isolation (for example, Virtual Machine Platform) were enabled.



Version 1.23.0816 (August 16, 2023)




45493 Resolved an issue where computers were undergoing Maintenance mode outside the scheduled times configured in the policy. (CN# 450839)



Version 1.23.0803 (August 3, 2023)




·         Anti-Executable Dashboard

o   Improvements for the following Anti-Executable Dashboard tabs: File Events, Computer Events, Client Event Logs, Client Side File Exception

o   Option now available to display data between 1 to 90 days under the Dashboard tab.



Version 1.23.0801 (August 1, 2023)




·         Software Updater: Added support for WireGuard.




Software Updater Service

45623 Resolved an issue where the latest VM Horizon Client version (8.9) could not be installed on computers.

Note: Support for Windows 7 is removed. The latest version will be installed on computers running Windows OS higher than Windows 7. (CN# 499045)


45556 Resolved an issue where the 'Winamp' application is being displayed as failed to install and update on the console, even though it has been successfully installed and updated on the computer.



Version 1.23.0719 (July 19, 2023)



·        Anti-Executable: Improved Operating System binary detection.




Anti-Executable Service

45196 Resolved an issue where Anti-Executable is enabled despite Anti-Executable settings.



Version 1.23.0628 (June 28, 2023)


Note: Cloud Agent version 3.51 for Mac, which is compatible with M1 Ultra Mac Studio is now available for all users.



Version 1.23.0612 (June 12, 2023)



·        Windows Update Dashboard: New 'Export' button allows exporting the list of Computers to an Excel worksheet file.




Imaging Service

45262 Resolved an issue where the Imaging page was taking a long time ang only loading partially.



45135 Resolved an issue with being unable to scroll down the list of Groups or Policies under the Computers page.

45088 Resolved an issue where computers that have been removed from the Computers page were still being displayed under Application, Windows Updates and Inventory pages.

45086 Resolved an issue where, unless Power Save was installed on the computer, the computer model was not being displayed in the console.



Version 1.23.0529 (May 29, 2023)




·        Software Updater: Added support for RingCentral MVP.



Version 1.23.0524 (May 24, 2023)


Anti-Virus Service

Secure Anti-Virus definitions download using HTTPS


Version 1.23.0517 (May 17, 2023)


Note: Cloud Agent version 2.22 for Windows, which is compatible with Windows Authenticode Signature Verification is now available for all users.



Version 1.23.0516 (May 16, 2023)




Anti-Executable Service

45372 Resolved an issue where the File Events page under Anti-Executable Dashboard was taking a long time to load or not loading at all.



Version 1.23.0512 (May 12, 2023)




·        For Mac: Policies that are out-of-date are marked 'Outdated' under the 'Policy' column in the Computers page.




Cloud Agent

44475 Resolved an issue with M1 Ultra Mac Studio computers not appearing in the Deep Freeze Cloud console after the Cloud Agent has been installed. (CN# 27859, 28890, 28409, 404277)



Version 1.23. 0506 (May 6, 2023)





45249 Resolved an issue where an old Cloud account could not create a Deep Freeze Cloud site. (CN# 405215)

45288 Resolved an issue with being unable to create site if no site exists. (CN# 405669)


MDM Service

45211 Resolved an issue where, pushing an SSID profile to the device causes 'Malformed Profile Error' if the password contained an ampersand (&) character. (CN#404937)



Version 1.23.0417 (April 17, 2023)




45156 Resolved an issue where Windows 10 and 11 (version 22H2) computers were being incorrectly displayed as '64-bit' under Windows Updates and Inventory pages (CN# 404392)



Version 1.23.0403 (April 3, 2023)




·        Policies that are out-of-date are marked 'Outdated' under the 'Policy' column in the Computers page.

·        Enhanced security for better password protection when installing updates.




Cloud Agent

44957 Resolved issues where licenses were not renewing, or lost, and some Deep Freeze Cloud Services not functioning properly when EnableCertPaddingCheck is enabled. (CN# 32396, CN# 27972, CN# 27500, CN# 25971, CN# 28472, CN# 25411, Case No. CJZ-345-92670, NGC-469-50801)

44560 Resolved an issue with being unable to uninstall Cloud Agent locally from the computer if the Cloud Agent password contains Chinese/Japanese characters.

44543 Resolved an issue with error '404 Page not found' when trying to change passwords. (CN# 28471)

44281 Resolved an issue with installed Cloud Agent causing port flooding when sending Wake-on-LAN to the computers. (CN# 24652)

42893 Resolved an issue where computers were displayed as under maintenance even after the scheduled maintenance has been completed.

42659 Resolved an issue with being unable to uninstall Cloud Agent in certain scenarios. (Case No. ISE-504-73025)

42081 Resolved an issue where, when computers were undergoing scheduled maintenance task, and a new policy is applied on top with a different maintenance mode, computers remained in Thawed status after the maintenance period has been completed. (Case No. CZP-364-72282)



44861 Resolved an issue where the 'Status' column under Tasks page displayed invalid data for the Japanese and Chinese pages. (CN# 31260)

44712 Resolved an issue where 'Filter by Tag' did not work when there is only a single tag. (CN# 9472)



Version 1.23.0222 (February 22, 2023)




Anti-Virus Service

44766 Resolved an issue where Anti-Virus could not get the license key even when the contract is still valid.



44765 Resolved an issue with the Tasks page taking a long time to load when there is a large number of tasks.



Version 1.23.0208 (February 8, 2023)




·        Anti-Executable Service: updated Anti-Executable Publishers list with the latest Microsoft and Faronics certificates.



Version 1.23.0201 (February 1, 2023)




MDM Service

44547 Resolved an issue where Android 12 devices could not be enrolled in Deep Freeze MDM. (CN#28494, 26851)



Version 1.23.0125 (January 25, 2023)




·        New permission for Remote Connect Only Administrator: 'Allow Upgrade Services' option enables Remote Connect Only Administrators to update outdated services on computers. When enabled, the Upgrade Services will be performed regardless of the maintenance mode configuration under the policy.



Version 1.23.0120 (January 20, 2023)




Anti-Executable Service

44493 Resolved an issue with being unable to allow or block files through the Anti-Executable Dashboard (under Local Control List).



Version 1.22.1230 (December 30, 2022)




Software Updater Service

44408 Resolved an issue where 'WebEX Meetings' could not be installed through Software Updater. (CN#26876)

44405 Resolved an issue where even though Roboform was installed, it was not being displayed properly as installed through Software Updater. (CN#26837)



Version 1.22.1215 (December 15, 2022)




44343 Resolved an issue where, if there was no default Site set up, logging in to Deep Freeze Cloud resulted in 'Page Not Found' error message.



Version 1.22.1214 (December 14, 2022)




·        Ability to perform Deep Freeze Actions (Reboot computers in Thawed or Frozen modes) through the Action Toolbar from the Applications or Windows Updates pages

·        Ability to enforce 2-Factor Authentication for all users in the Organization.




44109 Resolved an issue where, when trying to deploy the Cloud Agent Full Installer in a task sequence, some command line options were being ignored when part of a combination. (Case No. CIB-786-78696)



Version 1.22.1208 (December 8, 2022)


Note: Live Chat support is temporarily unavailable until further notice.



Version 1.22.1124 (November 24, 2022)




·        Supports running Custom Scripts on computers in Frozen state.



Version 1.22.1122 (November 22, 2022)




·        Added Remote Desktop client support for connecting to Azure Virtual Desktop.



Version 1.22.1118 (November 18, 2022)




Cloud Agent

44111 Resolved issue where, when trying to download the Cloud Agent, none of the Groups with enforced policies (for macOS) were listed in the drop-down list. (Case No QPC-561-82560)


Anti-Executable Service

44059 Resolved an issue with the Anti-Executable Dashboard taking a long time to load when attempting to manage Anti-Executable products. (Case No. YCZ-851-87428)



Version 1.22.1110 (November 10, 2022)





44141 Resolved an issue where an extra column was displayed when viewing in 'Detailed View'.

44104 Resolved an issue where the Imaging utility crashed when an incorrect SFTP Server name was entered when trying to register cloud images.

44000 Resolved an issue where the 'Create Cloud Image' button was incorrectly displayed under 'WinPE Drivers' tab in the Imaging utility.



43996 Resolved an issue where, in a certain condition, nothing happens when choosing 'Yes' to evaluate Deep Freeze Cloud Ultimate for 30 days.

43995 Resolved an issue where an Active Directory administrator user gets logged out automatically in certain conditions.

43994 Resolved an issue where, after adding a Cloud or Active Directory Administrator user without enabling the 'Manage General Settings' feature, using this account to download from the console (for example, offline installer or utility) results in error and failure to download.



Version 1.22.1031 (October 31, 2022)


New Features

·         Support for macOS Ventura 13.

Note: Starting from macOS Ventura, Full Disk Access should be enabled for Software Updater to be able to install, uninstall, and update applications. Refer to Knowledge Base for details on enabling Full Disk Access.




WINSelect Service

44028 Resolved an issue where WINSelect Kiosk Mode removed an ampersand (&) character in the application path and replaced it with an extra space.



Version 1.22.1020 (October 20, 2022)




Software Updater Service

43942 Resolved an issue where, after successfully installing 'Reader DC' application on the computer, 'Reader DC' was displayed as failed to install and update on the console.



Version 1.22.1014 (October 14, 2022)


New Features


Cloud Imaging – Imaging service now supports the ability to access stored images from HTTP/S servers or SFTP servers during the imaging process (so access to the local Imaging Server is not required).



Version 1.22.0928 (September 28, 2022)




Anti-Virus Service

Resolved an issue where Active Protection for Anti-Virus Cloud service could not be enabled.

43685 Resolved an issue where enabling the firewall in Anti-Virus resulted in being unable to connect to VPN if the connection is being made to an IPv6 address. (Case No. YVA-467-58534)



43858 Resolved an issue with missing Custom Apps and Scripts and being unable to copy those Custom Apps and Scripts to the site where they are missing.



43798 Resolved an issue where reports showed incorrect information of computers going into maintenance when computers were turned off and did not actually enter maintenance mode. (Case No. RNW-696-85881)



Version 1.22.0901 (September 01, 2022)




Windows Updates

43594 Resolved an issue where, when approving updates under 'Windows Updates', the confirmation window displays incorrect patch name for some of the patches being approved. (Case No. OKI-574-19180)



Version 1.22.0826 (August 26, 2022)




·        New command lines when installing the Cloud Agent using the full installer enable the following:

o   Suppress Deep Freeze reboot and keep Deep Freeze in Thawed status after initial Cloud Agent/services installation.

o   Keep computers in Maintenance mode after initial Cloud Agent/services installation.

·        Applications: Ability to view all installed Applications on the selected computer through the 'Installed Applications' page under 'Inventory'.

·        WINSelect 8.61 hotfix release




User Management

43474 Resolved an issue with user permission losing access to own Sites after being assigned a new Site.



43368 Resolved an issue with being redirected to the incorrect page when trying to View Installed Applications in the Inventory page.


WINSelect Service

43524 Resolved an issue where an application was allowed in WINSelect Kiosk and also set as 'Blocked' in the Applications at the same time. (Case No. PHW-338-33344)

43507 In Kiosk mode: Resolved an issue with network restrictions not working for Edge and Chrome browsers.

42906 Resolved an issue where WINSelect re-enabled features of Windows that have been disabled. (Case No. TDF-798-24050)

43009 Resolved an issue where WINSelect settings were not being applied to Windows 11 systems. (Case No. KDX-265-72756)

42657 Resolved an issue with being unable to hide the search bar exclusively without affecting the taskbar icons. (Case No. DVT-386-35483, ESS-630-23591)


MDM Service

43566 Resolved an issue where exported CSV report was missing the Serial Numbers column. (Case No. ZKC-776-29536)

43384 Resolved an issue with incorrect link for 'Apple Volume Purchase Program'. (Case No. QRB-473-10394)



Version 1.22.0825 (August 25, 2022)




Software Updater Service

43459 Resolved an issue where installing custom apps through zipped file failed if installation required files from sub-folders.

43450 Resolved an issue where the 32-bit of Adobe Reader DC was being installed on 64-bit computers.



Version 1.22.0727 (July 22, 2022)


Note: Deep Freeze 8.63 supports Windows 11, which has been extensively tested without any known issues detected.




Cloud Agent Service

43005 Resolved an issue with the 'Lock Keyboard and Mouse' restriction does not get applied to the built-in mousepad of a laptop. (Case No. VAP-107-47542)

42893 Resolved an issue where computers were being displayed as if they were still in maintenance mode even after the maintenance has been completed.

42659 Resolved an issue with failing to uninstall Cloud Agent from some Cloud Connector computers. (Case No. ISE-504-73025)



Version 1.22.0722 (July 22, 2022)




·        Software Updater Service

o   ‘Foxit Reader’ app is renamed to 'Foxit PDF Reader’.

o   'AdoptOpenJDK JRE with Hotspot' is renamed to 'Eclipse Temurin JRE with Hotspot'.

o   Removed support for Silverlight and Sumatra PDF.




Software Updater Service

·        Resolved an issue with failing to install the latest version of CCCP.

·        Resolved an issue with Software Updater being unable to install Dropbox when it takes longer than 10 minutes to install.

·        Resolved an issue where Custom App download failed if the download URL redirects multiple times.



Version 1.22.0718 (July 18, 2022)




Anti-Virus Service

42763 Resolved an issue where the Anti-Virus subscription license for a computer that has been turned on (after being powered off for a long time) was displayed as expired even if the contract is still valid.



Version 1.22.0708 (July 8, 2022)




·        SAML

o   Option to enable access to all Sites for newly created Just-in-Time provisioned users.

o   User rights can now be updated and changed after user role has been created and saved.

·        Custom Apps

o   Supports downloading using SFTP

o   Option to download .zip files as custom application; enable extraction of the compressed files and running the executable file.

·        Anti-Virus

o   Added warning notification when trying to disable the option to connect to the web server and preventing automatic download of definitions.

·        Security improvements for Cache Server.




Software Updater Service

43060 Resolved an issue with the computer connecting to the machine goes to the IP instead (where IP and machine names specified for cache servers are present in the policy), resulting in Applications not being updated after scheduled Maintenance. (Case No. NCK-306-50791)



42668 Resolved an issue where reports exported into CSV listed data into single rows without correct rows/columns segregation. (Case No. PBJ-322-75160)


User Management

42955 Resolved an issue with Login Domain values for Azure SAML. (Case No. JNG-393-58157)



Version 1.22.0704 (July 4, 2022)




Software Updater Service

43192 Resolved an issue where 32-bit Edge was installed on 64-bit Operating Systems, causing Microsoft Edge to stop working. (Case No. ACK-936-89254)



Version 1.22.0624 (June 24, 2022)




MDM Service

43090 Resolved an issue where an error occurs when updating the device list after performing 'Update Token’ for iOS devices. (Case No. JZC-548-13781)


Anti-Executable Service

43151 Resolved an issue with being unable to remove files from the 'Policy Control List' tab.



Version 1.22.0621 (June 21, 2022)




Cloud Console

43112 Resolved an issue where, some widgets under the Home page (for example, Deep Freeze) did not reflect the correct Computer status after the computers were removed through the console. (Case No. UDE-798-59830)



Version 1.22.0614 (June 14, 2022)




MDM Service

43099 Resolved an issue where the apps page (to add the apps) for Android devices under Deep Freeze Mobile Device Management was empty. (Case No. IZF-933-12626)



Version 1.22.0610 (June 10, 2022)




User Management Service

43079 Resolved an issue where new Deep Freeze Connector users, which need to be activated, were receiving only password reset emails, and not able to activate the account. (Case No. QYH-790-62731)



Version 1.22.0608 (June 8, 2022)




MDM Service

40020 Resolved an issue where apps for iOS devices under Deep Freeze Mobile Device Management were not being updated even if the 'Automatically update app' option is enabled. (Case No. XHC-787-87602)



Version 1.22.0606 (June 6, 2022)




WINSelect Service

43048 Resolved an issue with not being able to upload custom icons and wallpapers to WINSelect. (Case No. KBE-526-76054)



Version 1.22.0602 (June 2, 2022)




MDM Service

37138 Resolved an issue where the 'Devices' page in Deep Freeze MDM was taking a long time to load. (Case No. LUV-280-13641)



Version 1.22.0513 (May 13, 2022)




42898 Resolved an issue where, in a particular condition, Site switches back to the default Site when trying to access the Applications, Inventory, Imaging pages.



Version 1.22.0506 (May 6, 2022)




·        Imaging


o   Option to choose the target disk drive to install the operating system when installing from the bootable USB drive.

o   For UEFI based systems, option now available to use product key stored in UEFI firmware. When selected, the OEM product key will be used and Windows will be activated after the Imaging process.

o   Supports offline installation of selected App Preset (under Post-Imaging Tasks) by downloading installers and scripts to the USB, which then can be installed after Imaging even when there is no Internet connection.




Windows Updates Service

42795 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze Cloud Dashboard Widget did not correctly reflect computers with Windows 11 in the Computers grid. (Case No. QGO-886-62558)

42607 Resolved an issue with the Windows Updates Dashboard and Windows Updates page taking a long time to load when there is a large number of computers (e.g. 1000+).


Imaging Service

42569 Resolved an issue where BCD entries without 'Description' information resulted in systems crashing.

42459 Resolved an issue where, using host names when performing Imaging through the console (WDS) showed error that the server was not reachable and was not able to continue

42448 Resolved an issue where, when editing or creating install settings, 'DNS Server' field under 'Domain’ category became a required field.

42122 Resolved an issue where the Cloud Agent was not reinstalled after the Imaging process was completed, resulting in the computers not reporting to the console after Imaging.


Power Save Service

42616 Resolved an issue where trying to install Faronics Power Save Cloud put the computer in a boot. (Case No. RGJ-680-98727)



Version 1.22.0418 (April 18, 2022)




Software Updater Service

42714 Resolved an issue where outdated Microsoft Edge app did not display outdated status under Applications, even if the latest version is available.



Version 1.22.0325 (March 25, 2022)




42575 Resolved an issue where Administrator accounts that were created prior to the new Ticketing feature did not have Ticketing service enabled by default. (Case No. UQF-846-93156)

42007 Resolved an issue where online computers redirected to '' (instead of ''), resulting in the computers not responding to commands sent from the Deep Freeze Cloud console. (Case No. QSM-957-35730)

42006 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze Cloud could not send WOL task to computers showing offline status through the Computers page, displaying 'Failed. Computer was not available to perform this task.' error message. (Case No. WWT-529-39130)



Version 1.22.0318 (March 18, 2022)




·        New Ticketing Functionality


o   Manage IT support tickets from the new Tickets page.

o   Tickets can be created by End Users by filling out a form via the Windows Notification bar or by Administrators using the Tickets page.

o   Administrators can choose to receive email alerts when a ticket has been submitted by enabling the “Receive Ticketing Alerts on Email” option within the User Profile.

o   Enable the Tickets service in the policy to allow End Users to submit support requests via the Windows Notification Toolbar.

o   End Users can receive email alerts when a Ticket is created and as the Ticket enters different statuses.

o   Remote Connect to a computer via the Tickets page.

o   Assign a Ticket to one or multiple Administrators.

o   Export a report of all Tickets to a CSV file.

o   Included in the Ultimate bundle or try it free for 30 days



Version 1.22.0311 (March 11, 2022)




·        New Mac Software Updater Service (for HFS+ computers)
Installing, updating, or uninstalling your favorite apps can now be done on the fly from the Applications page. Simply enable the Software Updater service in your Mac policy.

·        Faster Mac Agent Communication (for HFS+ computers)
After Mac Cloud Agents are upgraded for HFS+ computers, the agent will switch to using WebSocket communication technology between the client and the Cloud server for faster execution of actions and tasks.



Software Updater Service

42372 Resolved an issue where the status for Software Updater Service was not correctly displaying in the console although the service is running. (Case No. ACT-942-40999, RSM-265-71621)

42298 For Mac: Resolved an issue with being unable to install or upgrade Evernote application on Mac computers.


Deep Freeze Mac Service

42373 Resolved an issue with maintenance tasks not starting according to schedule when updating the Cloud Agent for Mac. (Case No. OFQ-340-21259)



Version 1.22.0309 (March 9, 2022)



MDM Service

42443 Resolved an issue where enrolling iOS devices in Deep Freeze MDM failed due to an 'Invalid Profile' error. (Case No. RQR-914-48198, AZC-381-97281, NRN-189-89512)



Version 1.22.0307 (March 7, 2022)



Software Updater Service

42416 Resolved an issue where certain applications (such as Java, Trillian, RoboForm, Slack) included in the preset app package were not installed during the Imaging process.



Version 1.22.0225 (February 25, 2022)




·        WINSelect Service

o   Support for Windows 11.

o   Support for Microsoft Edge browser.

o   Kiosk Mode Browser Support: In addition to Edge, Google Chrome and Firefox are now supported if set as default.

o   Kiosk Mode Applications: When adding applications, you can now allow other applications to run from the folder designated in the Application Path.

·        Remote Connect Only Administrator: Users assigned with this permission can now be optionally designated to perform Deep Freeze Actions available on the Computers page.



WINSelect Service

42211 Resolved an issue where the Computers page got stuck in the 'Loading' stage if group name contained the double quote character ("). (Case No. BGG-689-91192)

42095 Resolved an issue where Microsoft Edge would not launch on computers with WINSelect enabled. (Case No. XUG-506-79399, MBW-915-46473)

39920 Resolved an issue where Logitech Spotlight device did not work on computers with WINSelect installed.



Version 1.22.0218 (February 18, 2022)




·        New Mac Software Updater Service
Installing, updating, or uninstalling your favorite apps can now be done on the fly from the Applications page. Simply enable the Software Updater service in your Mac policy.

·        Faster Mac Agent Communication
Once Mac Cloud Agents are upgraded for APFS computers, the agent will switch to using WebSocket communication technology between the client and the Cloud server for faster execution of actions and tasks.

·        Anti-Executable Dashboard
Violations History widget adds a new 'Violations' column that displays the total number of violations per day.



Anti-Executable Service

40826 Resolved an issue with the Anti-Executable Dashboard taking a long time to load or sometimes not loading at all when using Edge or Chrome browsers. (Case No. AE: KRT-599-30505)



Version 1.22.0209 (February 09, 2022)



42186 Resolved an issue with error '404 Page not found' when trying to create a new group or edit a group. (Case No. EVI-764-73873, VYE-724-86360)



Version 1.22.0204 (February 04, 2022)



42081 Resolved an issue where, applying a new policy with a different maintenance mode on top of an existing policy with a maintenance task scheduled caused computers to remain in Thawed status after the maintenance period. (Case No. CZP-364-72282)



Version 1.22.0203 (February 03, 2022)



41856 Resolved an issue with a lag between the correct status of Deep Freeze on computers and update status displayed on the Cloud console. (Case No. PCI-784-90963).



Version 1.22.0117 (January 17, 2022)



42057 Resolved an issue where trying to access Online Help pages (for some services) from the non-English interface was being redirected to the Online Help in English.



Version 1.22.0112 (January 12, 2022)



Imaging Service

42025 Resolved an issue where trying to create 'Install Settings' failed if the Admin Name used for 'Domain Admin User Name' field contained a period (.) symbol. (Case No. YZO-988-13845)



Version 1.21.1231 (December 31, 2021)




·        Imaging: Ability to add tags to drivers as well as add multiple drivers to the driver’s group.

·        Applications: Settings for custom Apps and Scripts can now be edited.



Cloud Agent

40462 Resolved an issue where services were showing as 'Expired' due to expired license even though contract is still valid. (Case No. HCV-609-48064, TYE-785-28452)



Version 1.21.1217 (December 17, 2021)




Software Updater Service

41912 Resolved an issue where custom applications supposed to be installed through UNC path using customer credentials failed to install.



Version 1.21.1215 (December 15, 2021)




41868 Resolved an issue with the Status column in the Computers page displaying 'Offline' status for Mac computers where it should be empty.



Version 1.21.1210 (December 10, 2021)




·        Execute custom scripts and applications as a specific user.

·        Online/offline status for computers are now visible under Computers page.

·        Imaging: Ability to inject the drivers into the boot.wim file through Imaging Server.





40769 Resolved an issue where, even after setting the filter category for displaying computers, the Cloud console did not display the correct list of computers. (Case No. GHA-935-11422)



Version 1.21.1206 (December 6, 2021)




MDM Service

4075 Resolved an issue where, after adding apps (available only in Canada), the apps were not getting displayed under MDM Apps when trying to sync.



Version 1.21.1117 (November 17, 2021)




Software Updater Service

40544 Resolved an issue where upgrading TeamViewer failed due to incorrect link.



Version 1.21.1103 (November 3, 2021)




40452 Resolved an issue where computers could not boot into Windows due to an issue with Secure Boot. (Case No. OXS-744-88762, JSQ-485-26611, DQC-584-12993, VKO-435-21353)



Version 1.21.1029 (October 29, 2021)


New Features


·        Deep Freeze and Cloud Agent support for Server OS: Option now available to select Windows Server when downloading the Cloud Agent and creating policies for Server Operating Systems.

·        Quickly perform Reboot Frozen, Reboot Thawed, and Reboot Thawed Locked actions for Deep Freeze under the Computers page.

·        New details and links to the Reports page now available in the Computer Details page for the following services:

o   Maintenance Status: Start and End Times of the last maintenance performed as well as the Status, with a link to the Maintenance Period Status Report.

o   Usage Stats: Last Login User/Time, and a link to the Computer Usage Report.

o   Deep Freeze: Link to the Workstation Task Summary Report.



Version 1.21.1026 (October 26, 2021)


New Features

·        Support for macOS Monterey 12.


Notes (starting from macOS Big Sur):

·        The Apple Software Update option in the maintenance schedule has been disabled on Apple Silicon Macs.

·        Command line installation of configuration profiles is no longer supported. Configuration profiles will need to be installed manually.

·        For Intel-based Macs, a 3-hour timeout has been introduced after the Maintenance modes where the computer will be forced to restart, should it fail to restart once the Apple Software updates are completed. Issue escalated to Apple.




Deep Freeze Mac Service

36275 Resolved an issue with having an SD card inserted in the computer causing Freeze/Thaw/Uninstall operations not being permitted.

35992 Resolved an issue where trying to install Deep Freeze or Cloud Agent on Apple Silicon Macs that do not have Rosetta installed resulted in the system asking to install Rosetta.



Version 1.21.1022 (October 22, 2021)




40336 Resolved an issue where the certificate included in the metadata caused issues when setting up SAML with an in-house provider. (Case No. QAI-538-25271)



Version 1.21.1008 (October 8, 2021)




40245 Resolved an issue where the Operating System was not displayed properly to reflect Windows 11 version.



Version 1.21.1001 (October 1, 2021)




·        Remote Connect Only Administrator: New permission type under User Management to provide users the ability to only remote into computers within designated sites/groups.

·        Optional VNC User Permission: New option in Remote Connect policy to ask for user permission when trying to remotely access the computer using VNC.



Version 1.21.0923 (September 23, 2021)




MDM Service

40069 Resolved an issue with being unable to enroll an iOS 15 device via DEP. (Case No. IUK-238-83563)



Version 1.21.0909 (September 09, 2021)




Remote Connect Service

39879 Resolved an issue where non-admin users were not able to Remote Connect to the target computer.



Version 1.21.0827 (August 27, 2021)


New Feature


Introducing the Inventory feature in Deep Freeze Cloud.

·        Get a quick overview of your hardware inventory in a smart grid view where you can add or remove columns as preferred.

·        Import Microsoft System Information (msinfo) of computers across the network.

·        Easily add or update warranty information for multiple computers in your network.



Version 1.21.0825 (August 25, 2021)




Cloud Sync

39652 On Windows 7: Resolved an issue where trying to download from Cloud Sync OneDrive failed. (Case No. LDU-809-26186)

39693 Resolved an issue where attempting to sign in to Cloud Sync OneDrive with a business account failed and displayed 'User Does Not Exist Message'. (Case No. UMC-321-74151)



Version 1.21.0820 (August 20, 2021)




Deep Freeze Service

39629 Resolved an issue where incorrect Deep Freeze status and Deep Freeze version were displayed in the Deep Freeze Cloud Connector site under Computers page.



Version 1.21.0810 (August 10, 2021)




·        Imaging Service

o   Added USB Media Creator functionality for creating an installation USB drive.

o   USB Creator Package: Select from existing Deployment Packages and Policies to create a boot utility that can be used for creating a bootable USB flash drive.

o   Ability to inject the drivers into the boot.wim file.

·        Task Status