Deep Freeze Cloud Console and Services Release Notes


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Other Utilities

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Windows XP End of Support from April 1st, 2020


Microsoft officially ended Windows XP support on April 8, 2014, and alas, it is time for Faronics to officially drop support for XP.


To ensure Deep Freeze Cloud continues to follow industry-leading security practices, our services will not install on XP computers starting April 1st, 2020. All existing deployments on XP computers will no longer be able to communicate to our web server and cease to receive any updates.


We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Contact Technical Support at if you need assistance.



Version 1.20.0925 (September 25, 2020)




33348 Resolved an issue where policy passwords containing curly brackets ({ or }) prevented the policy from scheduling. (Case No. LCW-528-75014)


Known Issues


Cloud Console

31583 Grouped View disappears from the Application, Windows Updates and Imaging pages after the page is refreshed.

19842 Unable to sign on to UserVoice using cloud credentials. (Case No. ZXI-307-85272)

19830 Cloud console in Internet explorer does not show down-arrow to change a schedule time for the policy update. (Case No. DOU-982-39567)

18410 Group by Tag displays the all the tags under one group not each Tag. (Case No. PIQ-556-11812)


Anti-Virus Service

23670 If FAVECore is killed during a virus definition update, it crashes upon recovery and the definition update cannot finish.

10682 There is a discrepancy between reports in Anti-Virus Service when run on Deep Freeze Cloud Console. (Case No. RUU-426-83641)


Deep Freeze Service

30333 Supported files like .cmd; .bat; .ps1; .vbs and URL are not accepted for Remote Launch and Push and Launch in Deep Freeze Dashboard.

25585 Deep Freeze computer cannot be Thawed on Intel Compute Stick device. (Case No: JGX-581-64326)

25020 Computer crashes when loading virtual disk image using Arsenal Image Mounter software while in Frozen mode. (Case No: ELF-471-54366)

24674 Computers unexpectedly shut down after the Windows updates task. (Case No. XZC-507-34682)

24516 Map network drives are showing as disconnected at startup. (Case No. RNC-407-21957)

24509 Disk usage reaches high level, causing machines to become unresponsive when frozen. (Case No. NSE-489-63163)

24415 Deep Freeze service may not start up in some circumstances.

23955 Workstation task works incorrectly in certain scenarios

22504 Deep Freeze will not freeze systems on a Hyper-V Gen 2.

22238 Systems hang on startup while using an external hard drive (certain models only).

21568 Issues with Dell full disk encryption software when Deep Freeze is installed. Knowledge Base.

21171 Unable to install apps from the Windows App Store once Deep Freeze is installed. Enable Windows Update service as a workaround.

20567 Windows 10 version 1703 and up: Windows Updates are not being downloaded when Windows Update cache is enabled in Deep Freeze.

20074 Installing Deep Freeze on computers in some circumstances results in slow login when in a Frozen state. (Case No. RNC-407-21957)

19968 Protection issues for server guests using specific hardware/software combinations. (Case No. XHG-591-45672)

19288 Cannot push SCCM packages on Windows 10 when Deep Freeze has the option 'Allow to choose how Windows updates are downloaded' enabled. (Case No. RSB-949-54751/UAZ-799-88703)

19250 Cannot select a ThawSpace as a backup target using the Windows 7 backup functionality. (Case No. GXN-334-45610)

19136 Cannot install .NET 3.5 on Windows 10 when Deep Freeze has the option 'Allow to choose how Windows updates are downloaded' enabled. (Case No. MYB-912-12932)

18513 Installation of Deep Freeze computer fails if user login name contains double byte characters. (Case No. OWZ-638-83495)

13556 Deep Freeze Cloud does not display any mapped drives. (Case No. WPB-556-99678)

11387 NTFS Storage Spaces not supported. BSOD occurs on reboot on Windows 8 and higher computers with single or multiple NTFS Storage Spaces.


Deep Freeze Mac Service

26234 Software Update and App Store setting are not reverted after Deep Freeze is uninstalled

26024 Newly added APFS volume while Deep Freeze is installed will be thawed until the policy is reapplied.

15323 Deep Freeze Mac Cloud Service Agent installation gives no warning of CoreStorage Volume. (Case No. ENZ-149-83379)


Cloud Sync Service

14951 When using Cloud Sync and connecting through Dropbox the 'Learn More Link' is not readable. (Case No. DZA-411-42996)


WINSelect Service

26244 WINSelect embedded policy settings are not applied to computer when install WINSelect using bootstrapper

21116 WINSelect is allowing right-click on the Internet Explorer icon in Kiosk Mode. (Case No. XIY-539-76071)


MDM Service

24226 Android devices cannot enable Bluetooth regardless if the 'Allow Bluetooth' option is enabled for their group.

24225 Android apps disabled due to unmet passcode requirements are not re-enabled after the required passcodes are set.

23606 The iOS Devices page displays an orange device icon, indicating an out-of-date OS, after the device has been updated to the latest version of iOS.

23428 iOS updates are automatically installed even if the 'Download and let user install' option is selected.


Software Updater Service

27883 Wireshark installation failed on Windows 8.1 Operating System. 

26859 Software Updater Cache Server is bypassed after 5 attempts to download the software package.

26568 In certain scenarios, Patch Scan reports incorrect install status of already installed updates.

26504 Original Windows Update settings does not get restored when Windows Update is no longer managed by Software Updater.

25760 In certain scenarios, Updates marked as Declined gets installed on computers.


Imaging Service

29965 In certain condition, ThawSpace that has been set to AutoGrow and is already over 75% full gets corrupted after deployment of captured image


User Management Service

29825 When setting up SAML manually, certificate file gets imported even after selecting invalid (.cert or .pem) certificate file.


Remote Connect Service

29686 Previous remote connection does not get disconnected properly after connecting to the same computer remotely again.

29670 Unable to perform multiple remote connections when using Firefox browser.

29603 Remote connection gets disconnected after a few seconds if no activities is detected after being connected.

29474 Cannot remote connect to a computer if Application Install/Uninstall/Upgrade task is in process.


Cloud Agent

30237 FWAService crashes after assigning policy that has 32 scheduled Deep Freeze tasks.



Version 1.20.0921 (September 21, 2020)




MDM Service

33196 Resolved an issue where apps or configurations are not getting applied to device, and the 'Push Assigned Apps' task remains as 'Not Started'. (Case No. SSC-399-41491)



Version 1.20.0914 (September 14, 2020)




·       Software Updater Service

o   Support for new applications: Trillian, RoboForm

o   Support for updated applications: Java 14 (AdoptOpenJDK), Citrix Workspace, Open-Shell




Cloud Console

33243 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze status for computers under Computers page were showing incorrectly in Cloud Connector.



Version 1.20.0911 (September 11, 2020)




Cloud Sync Service

31855 Resolved an issue where signing in to Google Drive within Cloud Sync got stuck. (Case No. CJM-509-33690)



Version 1.20.0904 (September 4, 2020)




MDM Service

33132 Resolved an issue where iOS applications were not updating automatically after MDM has been synced with VPP. (Case No. BRQ-165-70788)


Software Updater Service

31674 Resolved an issue where SUCConfig xml file was missing from computers if computer had no access out after installation, resulting in Applications not installing or updating during Maintenance Mode.



Version 1.20.0814 (August 14, 2020)


New Features


·       SHA256 support for Cloud passwords

SHA-256 hash function is now supported for stronger password authentication.

·       MDM iOS Apps Configuration

Remotely configure specific settings within iOS apps on managed devices without physically touching the device.




31450 Resolved an issue with machines getting duplicated in Cloud. (Case No. LIJ-389-35379)

31715 Resolved an issue where 'Run Maintenance Mode' Task status remained 'Active' even after the task has been executed properly. (Case No. OGV-679-47564)



Version 1.20.0728 (July 28, 2020)




Remote Connect

30198 Resolved an issue where Faronics Applications icons on window pop-ups were missing. (Case No. DRU-786-88111)



Version 1.20.0727 (July 27, 2020)





30194 Resolved an issue where the notification to 'Allow Deep Freeze Remote Connect to Launch' disappears when scrolling down through the computer list. (Case No. XWC-211-27299)


Software Updater

31610 For Windows 7: Resolved an issue where installing FileZilla on the computer failed when installing through the 'Applications' page.

31602 Resolved an issue where FileZilla application could not be downloaded on the Cloud Cache server.


Cloud Agent

30100 Resolved an issue where the Cloud Agent did not update the license keys for computers that have not been rebooted for some time, resulting in some Cloud Service status being displayed with black dots (or expired) in the 'Computers' page. (Case No. CNU-292-30712, FHD-305-87033)


Remote Connect

30241 Resolved an issue with being unable to connect to systems using Remote Connect in a specific scenario. (Case No. OZY-419-75560)


Version 1.20.0717 (July 17, 2020)




Imaging Service

31613 Resolved an issue where Imaging server details such as 'Last Reported Time', and changes to Image names were not automatically updated on the Console.

31598 Resolved an issue where after deleting images from the Deployment Package while PXE mode is disabled, the Deployment Package with the deleted image was still available for selection after PXE mode has been enabled.

31586 Resolved an issue where Online/Offline status for Imaging Server and PXE status did not get updated until after the page has been refreshed

31531 Resolved an issue where the Imaging Server, when used with the PXE boot option, is incorrectly imaging any machine that attempts to boot from it. (Case No. RQD-461-43581)

31551 Resolved an issue where images added to the Imaging Server were not updated on Deploy Console sometimes.

31550 Resolved an issue where PXE boot enable process is not yet completed on Imaging Server, but the status on the Console already displays 'Enabled'.

31549 Resolved an issue where, if Windows 10 2004 image was added, 'Image Computer' task using PXE Boot mode failed.

31548 For WDS: Resolved an issue where, in certain condition, deploying Windows 10 image to the computer failed.

30055 Resolved an issue where switching between wired and wireless connection resulted in duplicate entries being displayed for Imaging Server on the Cloud.



31511 Resolved an issue where policies could not be reassigned after the Cloud Agent has been installed. (Case No. XQS-845-58602)


Mobile Administrator

30398 Resolved an issue where Alerts for Anti-Executable were displayed under Anti-Virus category on the Deep Freeze Mobile App.



Version 1.20.0703 (July 3, 2020)




Software Updater Service

30377 Resolved an issue where FWAService crashed immediately after installing on computers with Software Updater and certain applications installed.

29339 Resolved an issue where TigerVNC was being incorrectly detected as RealVNC.



Version 1.20.0630 (June 30, 2020)




Mobile Administrator

30375 Resolved an issue where push notifications for Alerts were not displayed under Deep Freeze Mobile App.



Version 1.20.0626 (June 26, 2020)




·       Feature Updates

Introduced a new option under Windows Update tab to install "Security, Critical, & Feature Updates" when retrieving updates from the Microsoft Windows Update website. An issue with not being able to reliably install Feature Updates has been resolved as well.

·       Update WSUS Server

Implemented mechanism to forcibly update Windows Update status to WSUS server during Windows Update task.

·       Support for Latest Boot Camp

Deep Freeze supports Boot Camp v6.1.7748 and up.

·       Enhanced Cloud Connector Security
TLS 1.1 and 1.2 are now used to connect the Enterprise console and Cloud Relay to




Deep Freeze Service

30244 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze Windows Update task would not install Windows 10 Feature Update

30185 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze password with unicode characters were not accepted in Deep Freeze Policy.

30033 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze computer did not update its Windows Update status to WSUS.

28999 Resolved an issue where Windows Updates performed even when the computer was Frozen.

28939 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze weekly workstation task was unexpectedly interrupted if it crossed midnight.

28916 Resolved an issue where Frozen computers were crashing if using FSLogix Profile Containers.

28843 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze was not Freezing the system installed on a virtual machine.

28753 Resolved an issue where WMI instance for Deep Freeze is not created. (Case No. PGX-556-49287)

28752 Resolved an issue where touchscreen did not work after Maintenance Mode with the latest version of Deep Freeze.

28660 Resolved an issue where BSOD shows after installing Deep Freeze on Mac computers running Windows with Boot Camp.

28458 Resolved an issue of BSOD when installing Deep Freeze Surface Pro X.

27940 Resolved an issue where computer went into BSOD when OWC ThunderBlade drive was attached to system running Deep Freeze.

27438 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze caused Windows 10 to become unresponsive in Mac computers running Windows with Boot Camp.

26325 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze installer displayed the wrong notification when it failed to mount the Event log folder.



30220 Resolved an issue where user permissions were not removed from users until they log out of Deep Freeze Cloud. (Case No. DHU-642-41785, JQN-777-99652)

30238 Resolved an issue where deleting users in Deep Freeze Cloud resulted in blank entries in the task list. (Case No. JIE-547-64491)


Windows Updates Service

30193 Resolved an issue where scrolling the list of failed Windows Updates caused the page to crash. (Case No. LEH-410-53051)

30075 Resolved an issue with excessively long load times when opening pages in Deep Freeze Cloud. (Case No URU-629-40743)


Remote Connect Service

30115 Resolved an issue where Remote Connect button was not grayed out if Remote Connect was disabled under the Users Features list



Version 1.20.0623 (June 23, 2020)




MDM Service

30306 Resolved an issue where devices enrolled through Apple Configurator did not properly install pre-configured apps and desired configuration settings. (Case No. LLY-269-79001)


Software Updater Service

29967 Resolved an issue where Software Updater initiated a reboot of the computer although the Windows Update policy was set to 'Reboot if required'. (Case No. RXS-177-75569)



Version 1.20.0612 (June 12, 2020)




MDM Service

30233 Resolved an issue with being unable to enroll new devices. (Case No. LZA-226-42280)



Version 1.20.0605 (June 5, 2020)




30179 Resolved an issue with incompatible software package version format resulting in user being unable to access Software Updater Policy. (Case No. YWE-277-56028)



Version 1.20.0602 (June 2, 2020)




30149 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze Administrator application did not function properly with Cloud Agent v2.20. (Case No. YVC-736-92096)

30147 Resolved an issue where Applications could not be installed or updated if Software Updater v1.25 (or earlier) is installed. (Case No. XRJ-813-40248, WBL-670-92274, IOM-448-68178)

30137 Resolved an issue where Application Install status remained in 'Waiting' for some time if the installer for the selected Application was not present on the Cache Server.



Version 1.20.0529 (May 29, 2020)




30116 Resolved an issue with having instances of 'WordPress' on certain web pages. (Case No. ZSV-516-78852)

30114 Resolved an issue where New Users assigned with Administrator rights were unable to use Imaging or Remote Connect services.



Version 1.20.0528 (May 28, 2020)




Cloud Agent

30105 Resolved an issue where outdated Cloud Agent was not upgraded during Maintenance Mode if 'Auto-Upgrade' is enabled under Maintenance Mode settings.

30036 Resolved an issue where Cloud Agent v2.20 was not getting uninstalled when uninstalling Deep Freeze Standard from computer.



30058 Resolved an issue where computer with outdated Cloud Agent version installed did not launch services (such as Remote Connect and Imaging) until the Cloud Agent has been updated to the latest version. (Case No. ZGC-194-26714)


Imaging Service

30086 Resolved an issue where, in certain condition, specific Imaging Server data is not displayed correctly after changes are made in the Imaging Server.


WINSelect Service

30026 Resolved an issue where assigning WINSelect policy task failed if Acceptable User Policy was enabled in policy.



Version 1.20.0515 (May 15, 2020)




Cloud Sync Service

29988 Resolved an issue with being unable to sign in to and access Google Drive.

29639 Resolved an issue with CloudDrive.exe having errors, resulting in the user being unable to sync to the Cloud. (Case No. IUL-412-85821)


Software Updater Service

30014 Resolved an issue where the user was logged off when Installing applications from the Applications page if 'Log Off User Setting' was enabled under Software Updater policy.

30006 Resolved an issue where new Applications deploy failed when 'Update Only' option in Software Updater policy was checked.



Imaging Service

29976 Resolved an issue where, in certain conditions, FWAservice crashed.



30004 Resolved an issue with incorrect help pages for 'Applications', 'Windows Updates', and 'Imaging' sections.

30003 Resolved an issue where users in Site Admin were not able to see the 'Enable WebSocket' checkbox.



Version 1.20.0508 (May 8, 2020)


Phased Release Enhancements:


Faronics is performing a phased release of the following enhancements. Visit the For Customers page for more information and fill out the form at the bottom of the page if you would like to enable these enhancements in your Cloud instance sooner.


·       Lightning-Fast Actions
Once Cloud Agents are upgraded to v2.2, the agent will switch to using WebSocket communication technology between the client and the Cloud server for faster execution of actions and tasks.

·       OS Image Deployment
Remotely capture and deploy images. Provision operating systems on bare metal computer systems using the Preboot Execution Environment (PXE) architecture.

·       New Applications Page
Installing, updating, or uninstalling your favorite Software Updater apps can now be done on the fly. You can also install custom apps and execute custom scripts from here now.

·       New Windows Update Page
This new page is a fresh and modern way to allow IT Admins to review pending patches and authorize them. You can enable Windows Updates functionality in the Software Updater policy. 

·       Remote Connect
Remotely access your computers over the Web from any location.

·       Snooze Maintenance
The Maintenance Period has a new option now to snooze maintenance by up to 8 hours.


Enhancements Now Available:


·       SAML 2.0 Integration
Configure your organization's SAML Identity provider settings for provisioning Deep Freeze Cloud access. Visit the User Management page to get started.

·       Install MDM App via VPP
As the Deep Freeze MDM app is now distributed via the Apple Store, customers can now elect to install the app via the Volume Purchase Program (VPP) function so an Apple ID is not required to install the app.

·       TLS 1.2 Support
Improved TLS support for more secure communication between Deep Freeze Cloud and it's components such as Cloud Agent, Cache Server, Imaging Server etc.




Cloud Agent

29743 Resolved an issue where the Cloud Agent repeatedly shows popup message 'This machine will reboot' after assigning a blank policy. (Case No. DMV-560-68409)


MDM Service

29963 Resolved an issue where after enrolling devices in Apple Device Enrollment Program, Apple IDs were being required to complete enrollment. (Case No. XPN-197-71996)

29833 Resolved an issue where photos were synced even though iCloud stream was disabled.

29678 Resolved an issue where customer was prompted for Apple ID when deploying MDM app to iOS devices. (Case No. LLY-269-79001)

27174 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze MDM app could not be installed through VPP. (Case No. CXF-550-47830, UCW-679-42150


Cache Server

26624 Resolved an issue with a misspelling under the Cache Server tab. (Case No. MLH-517-28319)



Version 1.20.0325 (March 25, 2020)




Anti-Virus Service

29425 Deep Freeze files are now added to both default and all existing policies to prevent Deep Freeze files from being accidentally flagged as false positive.



Version 1.20.0317 (March 17, 2020)




MDM Service

29528 Resolved an issue with a device name containing special characters causing the device list to display empty. (Case No. XSB-617-89893)



Version 1.20.0312 (March 12, 2020)




WINSelect Service

29452 Resolved an issue with, under Network Restrictions, being unable to whitelist a site that contains numbers. (Case No. WUR-330-78439)



Version 1.20.0311 (March 11, 2020)




MDM Service

29054 Resolved an issue where iPads with iOS updates did not update properly. (Case No. GBU-934-68539)

29053 Resolved an issue with Apps not being properly deployed to iPads. (Case No. EYP-349-64778, YET-255-42048, SUO-910-20411)

28309 Resolved an issue where devices were not properly enrolled. (Case No. HWV-155-87871)



Version 1.20.0225 (February 25, 2020)




·       WINSelect Service

o   Updated pre-defined list of hotkeys with combination keys that could not be previously added manually.




29181 Resolved an issue where the license was showing as expired for Cloud services on computers with Deep Freeze Cloud installed. (Case No. KGE-713-72032)



Version 1.20.0224 (February 24, 2020)




·       WINSelect Service

o   Restart option now available in Kiosk Mode.

o   WINSelect now honors the local screensaver setting to display the logon screen on resume.

Note: Starting from version 8.53, WINSelect can no longer be installed on Windows XP computers.




WINSelect Service

29047 Resolved an issue with incorrect tooltip 'Maximum 50 applications/weblinks allowed' being displayed when we allow 100 applications/weblinks.

29017 Resolved an issue where, when using Firefox, the menu and context menu items were accessible even after all menu items were disabled in WINSelect policy settings.

29016 Resolved an issue where, when using Firefox, right-click was working even after right-click has been disabled in WINSelect policy settings.

28028 Resolved an issue where, with C: drive disabled in WINSelect, FAVEAgent.exe crashed on Windows 10. (Case No. MSD-605-50160)



Version 1.20.0207 (February 7, 2020)




WINSelect Service

28800 Resolved an issue where after disabling Kiosk Mode in the Policy, some body and footer elements could still be edited.

28982 Resolved an issue where after changing some settings for WINSelect and trying to save the policy, the option to 'Notify the user immediately when the computer checks-in and restart after 2 minutes' did not get selected.


MDM Service

28751 Resolved an issue with MDM device details not being properly updated under MDM Devices pages. (Case No. YET-255-42048)



Version 1.20.0203 (February 3, 2020)




28843 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze running on VMWare ESXi 6.0.0 was not able to freeze the computers properly. (Case No. WFW-730-29196)



Version 1.20.0131 (January 31, 2020)




WINSelect Service

28908 Resolved an issue with some restrictions not taking effect when in Kiosk Mode.



Version 1.20.0124 (January 24, 2020)





28648 Resolved an issue where, after selecting computers under the Group view, the page got refreshed back to all Computers. (Case No. EQR-707-34603, DMJ-356-28591)


Deep Freeze Service

28755 Computers are displayed as Thawed after upgrading to Deep Freeze v8.6. Please upgrade the Cloud Relay to resolve this issue. We now display a message that directs customers to the Cloud Relays page so they can upgrade.


Software Updater Service

27513 Resolved an issue where the Software Updater list of products contained mixed HTTP and HTTPS content. (Case No. IMC-519-18151)


WINSelect Service

28731 Resolved an issue where one can only add 50 Apps and Weblinks while customizing the Kiosk configuration. This limit has been increased to 100.

28461 Resolved an issue where WINSelect did not lock dual monitors when in Kiosk Mode. (Case No. TNT-790-38537, WS: LCR-164-31936)



Version 1.20.0117 (January 17, 2020)




·       Auto Grow ThawSpaces
Mark ThawSpaces to grow automatically if they get 75% full, up to a specified maximum size.

·       Thaw for Multiple Restarts
Set the number of Thawed reboots from the Cloud Console. Option available for Reboot Thawed or Reboot Thawed Locked action.

·       Pause Scheduled Task
Choose to pause or resume Scheduled Tasks in the Cloud Console. Click the Pause or Play button in the Deep Freeze Schedules grid.

·       Install All Windows Updates
In addition to Security, Critical, and Feature updates, choose to install all types of updates
when downloading Windows updates from Microsoft (vs. WSUS).

·       Launch Batch, VB, PowerShell Scripts
In addition to .exe and .msi file types, now you can also launch .cmd, .bat, .vbs, .ps1 file types via the Remote Launch and Push & Launch actions in the Cloud Console.

·       Specify URL or FTP for Remote Launch
Instead of specifying an existing file path for Remote Launch, now you have the option to specify a web URL or FTP location. The file will be automatically downloaded from the specified location and launched on the computer.

·       Windows XP End of Support
To ensure Deep Freeze continues to take advantage of the latest technologies,
Faronics is officially dropping XP support in this version of Deep Freeze. Microsoft officially ended Windows XP support on April 8, 2014.




Deep Freeze Service

28490 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze weekly workstation task was unexpectedly interrupted if it crossed midnight.

28319 Resolved an issue where scheduled task failed to assign to target computer.

26731 Resolved an issue where users were not able to log on after installing Deep Freeze on client machines.

25984 Resolved an issue where SMART Board device touch function did not work correctly when Deep Freeze locks keyboard and mouse.

25400 Resolved an issue where system crashed when some specific software was installed on computer (such as PUBG, Fortnite, Easy Anti-Cheat, BattlEye).

25248 Resolved an issue where computer randomly did not exit Deep Freeze or Cloud Maintenance Mode.

4438 Resolved an issue where the user was able to boot into Advanced Boot Options from Frozen state.


Cloud Console

28674 Resolved an issue where tags were not being displayed in full under Computers view. (Case No. XAW-293-90017)

28588 Resolved an issue where Cloud Agent deployment URL was still reliant on Adobe Flash. (Case No. ZZB-729-17879)


Software Updater Service

28502 Resolved an issue where, under Windows Dashboard, computers were shown as vulnerable even though Windows Updates were installed on the computer. (Case No. YQO-146-36865, DOA-654-20911, IJM-458-40040)



Version 1.20.0114 (January 14, 2020)




·        MDM Service: Support for Android 10.



Version 1.20.0108 (January 8, 2020)




Cloud Console

28604 Resolved an issue where for non-English language Deep Freeze and Anti-Virus status is displayed as installed for computers with no services installed.



Version 1.20.0102 (January 2, 2020)




Software Updater Service

28579 Resolved an issue where UltraVNC is not installed on target computers.

28536 Resolved an issue where Installed Version for VM Horizon Client inconsistently displayed under Installed Products and Software Updater Log reports.



Version 1.19.1220 (December 20, 2019)




MDM Service

27752 Resolved an issue where duplicate entries for enrolled Android 10 devices were displayed on Cloud.


Windows Updates Service

28347 Resolved an issue where Patch name was displayed blank under 'Vulnerable Computers > Detailed View' tab.



27998 Resolved an issue where, after being offline for more than 30 days, computers came back in Thawed mode. (Case No. THB-172-35700)



Version 1.19.1217 (December 17, 2019)




27654 Resolved an issue where, when trying to download the Cloud Agent then selecting a group with policy enforcement, the group name was displayed with extra underscores. (Case No. YTI-955-48392)



Version 1.19.1218 (December 18, 2019)




Cloud Console

28367 Resolved performance issue where big lists of groups were not displaying properly, resulting in being unable to perform group actions such as creating new groups.


WINSelect Service

28462 Resolved an issue with WINSelect Kiosk not accepting special characters in the command line parameter when adding or editing an application. (Case No. TNT-790-38537)



Version 1.19.1216 (December 16, 2019)




Software Updater Service

28497 Resolved an issue where Software Updater only updated Gimp to version 2.10.12. (Case No. MQQ-363-95340)



Version 1.19.1205 (December 05, 2019)




MDM Service

28418 Resolved an issue where MDM task status is displayed as 'Not Started' and tasks are not sent to MDM devices. (Case No. BLI-517-16060, EET-120-49619, CXB-815-97235)



Version 1.19.1203 (December 03, 2019)




27124 Resolved an issue where Cloud drive agent did not use the configured settings (proxy server). (Case No. CUI-444-36177)



Version 1.19.1126 (November 26, 2019)




·       WINSelect Service: Increased character limit for adding app URLs in Kiosk Mode.




28224 Resolved an issue where, with Windows Update enabled in Software Updater policy, patch scan was not performed on machines reported through

Deep Freeze Cloud Connector.

28277 Resolved an issue where Faronics Anti-Virus Firewall was blocking LDAP on port 389. (Case No. TKA-604-15212)



Version 1.19.1116 (November 16, 2019)


New Enhancement


·       Support for the following Software Updater application:



Version 1.19.1113 (November 13, 2019)


New Enhancements


·       Support for the following Software Updater applications:
– GoToMeeting
– RingCentral Meetings
Webex Meetings
– Zoom



Version 1.19.1108 (November 08, 2019)


Deep Freeze Mac APFS Enhancements


·       Support for macOS Catalina 10.15

·       Maintenance Schedules
Create maintenance schedules where you can perform Apple software updates, run a script or any other maintenance required. Optionally warn users prior to a maintenance period, lock the keyboard and mouse and shut down the
computer after the maintenance period.

·       Restart on Log Out
When enabled, the computer will restart when the user logs out (or when the last user logs out if fast user switching is enabled).

·       ARD Info Field
Set ARD Info Field 1, 2, 3 or 4
to display the Deep Freeze global status.

·       Apple Remote Desktop Tasks
Install pre-configured actions to manage Deep Freeze via ARD.


Note: Deep Freeze 7.x no longer requires a restart to Freeze the computer so the computer will not need to restart at the end of the maintenance period.




Cloud Agent Service (Mac APFS)

26700 Resolved an issue where Cloud Agent (Mac APFS) did not use updated heartbeat settings without reboot. (Case No. ULB-920-50848)



Version 1.19.1025 (October 25, 2019)




Anti-Executable Service

28021 Resolved an issue with not being able to save changes made to Anti-Executable policy in the Spanish language.



Version 1.19.1018 (October 18, 2019)




·       Under 'My Profile', Service Expiry Email Notification can now be enabled or disabled.




MDM Service

26971 Resolved an issue where images uploaded as wallpaper were not compressed correctly. (Case No. IMB-199-19158)

27906 Resolved an issue where the filter to sort by App Size did not work properly. (Case No. GLW-240-43813)

27774 Resolved an issue where the Device name change function was still enabled even if 'Allow device name modifications' option is disabled.


Power Save Service

27412 Resolved an issue with translations errors for Power Save. (Case No. JJW-270-91612)


Anti-Virus Service

27703 Resolved an issue where the Anti-Virus option did not gray out on selecting 'Disable all services (recommended)' option under maintenance settings tab. (Case No. HVO-610-16812)



Version 1.19.1015 (October 15, 2019)




Anti-Virus Service

Resolved an issue where the Anti-Virus definitions will cease to update starting December 31, 2019.


27967 Resolved an issue where FAVECore service (BitDefender Threat Scanner) randomly crashed on Windows 10 1903.

27840 On Windows 10: Resolved an issue where the notification 'Windows and Faronics AV firewall are both turned off' was displayed after assigning Anti-Virus policy to computers.



Version 1.19.1007 (October 07, 2019)


New Features


·       Software Updater Service: Added support for GIMP and Wireshark.




27922 Resolved an issue where WINSelect policy did not allow '=' as command line parameter.

27662 Resolved an issue where Software Updater was not able to update Mozilla Firefox to the next version successfully if Firefox was installed on non-default location. (Case No. JVE-702-89337)



Version 1.19.0924 (September 24, 2019)




27725 Resolved an issue where a 404 error was displayed on the Software Updater policy page.



Version 1.19.0828 (August 28, 2019)




27475 Resolved an issue where GP updates are blocked when Faronics Anti-Virus Firewall is enabled. (Case No. YTA-709-82565)



Version 1.19.0814 (August 14, 2019)




27089 Resolved an issue where computers are not coming out of Maintenance mode.



Version 1.19.0726 (July 26, 2019)




MDM Service

27160 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze MDM app is not installed on iOS devices. (Case No. UCW-679-42150, JRW-984-36702, CXF-550-47830)



Version 1.19.0701 (July 01, 2019)




Anti-Executable Service

26856 (Windows 10 1903): Resolved an issue where .jar executable was not getting added under Anti-Executable Execution Control List when Anti-Executable protection is enabled after Anti-Executable maintenance mode.

26836 (Windows 10 1903 only): Resolved an issue where 'Monitor DLL Execution' setting did not function correctly.

26780 (32-bit Windows 10 1903 only): Resolved an issue of BSOD while trying to launch any executable.

25926 Resolved an issue with inability to run batch files when Anti-Executable (audit mode) is on. (Case No. JAT-282-42623)

25538 Resolved an issue where Anti-Executable Engine service ImagePath was not being quoted under service registry.

23734 Resolved an issue Anti-Executable 6.x locks the keyboard and mouse when installing a major Windows update. (Case No. TKN-359-65903)

23140 Resolved an issue with Anti-Executable Engine could not be controlled, causing the automated installation to fail. (Case No. ULT-455-47145)

22099 Resolved an issue where AEFilter.sys was causing BSOD when accessing Microsoft Word. (Case No. COB-208-82502)



Version 1.19.0624 (June 24, 2019)




26816 Resolved an issue where users were unable to log in to the Deep Freeze Administrator mobile app using Cloud-specific credentials when the Active Directory authenticator is enabled. (RYQ-540-41691)



Version 1.19.0620 (June 20, 2019)




Resolved an issue with Deep Freeze Mac daemon crashing on latest Mojave version.



Version 1.19.0619 (June 19, 2019)




26418 Resolved an issue where Cloud console did not reflect DST, incorrectly displaying the time in the reports. (Case No. CIA-908-40336)



Version 1.19.0613 (June 13, 2019)




26803 Cloud Relay: Resolved an issue where Restart, Upgrade, and Uninstall Cloud Relay actions are not executed from Deep Freeze on Demand.



Version 1.19.0605 (June 05, 2019)




26282 Resolved an issue where Windows Updates did not install all approved updates from WSUS during Windows Update task.

26525 Resolved an issue where Usage Stats information about managed software assets is not displayed (version format issue). (Case No. CJH-611-64184, EUN-758-15325)



Version 1.19.0527 (May 27, 2019)




26337 Resolved an issue with data corruption affecting Cloud Agent, resulting in Cloud Agent not reporting correct status of computers. (Case No. ADP-643-64830)



Version 1.19.0522 (May 22, 2019)




26614 On 64-bit machines: Resolved an issue where, after upgrading Software Updater to the latest version with Windows Update support, Patch Scan continues to run even if Windows Update is not enabled in the Policy.

26613 Resolved an issue where machines are not showing up under DFOD if Cloud Agent version for any machine is reported as empty.



Version 1.19.0517 (May 17, 2019)


New Feature


Introducing Windows Update in Software Updater, included as part of the ULTIMATE bundle in Deep Freeze Cloud.

·       For Deep Freeze deployments, gain visibility into missing patches and identify potentially vulnerable computers via the new Windows Update dashboard.
Note: Continue to manage Windows Update via the scheduled Workstation Task in your Deep Freeze policy to ensure full compatibility with Deep Freeze.

·       For non-Deep Freeze deployments, select which categories of updates to auto-install and which categories require approval.

·       Defer updates by up to 30-days if marked as 'Always Install'.

·       For Windows 10, choose when Feature and Quality updates get installed and defer them as necessary. Also, choose the branch readiness level (Semi-Annual Channel vs. Targeted) to determine when feature updates are installed.

·       Use the Windows Update dashboard to approve and install missing patches or initiate a patch scan on selected computers.

·       Select a computer for a detailed view of its patching status.

·       Intuitively review a breakdown of missing patches and lookup patch details on the Microsoft Update Catalogue.

·       New 'When Windows Update Completes' End Time option available for Maintenance Period when Windows Update feature is enabled in the policy.

·       Subscribe to receive console, mobile, and email alerts when computers are vulnerable, a new patch is available, or if the patch scan is outdated.




·       Software Updater Service:

o   Oracle Java Runtime has been replaced with AdoptOpenJDK Java.

o   Added support for Classic Shell and LogMeIn Rescue.




User Management

26415 Resolved an issue where a 404 error appeared attempting to sign up for Deep Freeze Cloud in Spanish. (Case No. KHS-204-35008)


WINSelect Service

26209 Resolved an issue where Skype would not launch on computer with WINSelect enabled. (Case No. OIC-487-53653)

25768 Resolved an issue where the Windows 10 Timeline feature was accessible while device is in Kiosk Mode. (Case No. GKK-328-72688)

25762 Resolved an issue where PC Reservation will not start with WINSelect enabled. (Case No. MMU-155-29370)

22738 Resolved an issue where onscreen keyboard on Surface Pro Windows 10 was not accessible when WINSelect Kiosk Mode is enabled. (Case No. GAI-640-73313)

25524 Resolved an issue where WINSelect was being flagged as a security vulnerability. (Case No. SID-865-52551)


Deep Freeze Mac Service

26301 Resolved an issue where the 'Save' function for Deep Freeze Mac Cloud Policy did not work properly. (Case No. EGU-444-82125)



Version 1.19.0422 (April 22, 2019)




26277 Resolved an issue when Administrator is not able to place a computer into Maintenance Mode from the Computers page. (Case No. HSR-691-14955, KPY-826-13850)



Version 1.19.0419 (April 19, 2019)


Deep Freeze Mac APFS Enhancements


Deep Freeze Mac 7.10 was rebuilt from the ground up to support the new APFS file system that Apple introduced with the release of macOS High Sierra:


·       Support for macOS 10.13.5 or higher.

·       Support for FileVault.

·       Support for Fusion Drives.

·       Deep Freeze no longer requires a computer restart to set volumes to Frozen mode. Restart only required to set the volumes to Thawed mode.

·       A user with an administrator account can manage Deep Freeze. Deep Freeze passwords can be enabled optionally.

·       ThawSpaces are now manageable for the first time from the Deep Freeze Cloud Console

·       ThawSpaces grow automatically as they are APFS volumes that do not require an administrator to allocate a specific amount of space.

·       Command line support to Freeze and Thaw volumes, configure ThawSpaces, Deep Freeze passwords, and uninstall Deep Freeze


Note: Users should be set up as Standard users to avoid getting around Deep Freeze protection.





26165 Resolved an issue when newly added wallpaper is not displayed under MDM Configurations Settings (Case No. UYF-548-26112)

25958 Resolved an issue when Deployment Utility stops when connection to target computer hangs



Version 1.19.0322 (March 22, 2019)




·       Limited Administrator: Create Administrators with limited permissions under User Management. Features or services (such as Deep Freeze or Power Save) can now be enabled or disabled for Administrators. When disabled, Administrators have read-only access to these features.

·       Refresh Task Status: Task status page now automatically refreshes every 2 minutes, with the option to manually refresh the page using the REFRESH button.

·       Enhancements to Groups feature:

o   Under Computers: Full list of groups and sub-groups is now displayed when using the filter function in the Groups column.

o   Under Computers, in the Move to Group action: Enforced Policy assigned for each group is now displayed in the drop-down list.

o   Under Groups: Displays the groups and its sub-groups and the total number of computers belonging to each group and sub-group.

·       When copying the URL of the installation file, a notification at the top of the page confirms the action has been performed.

·       Under Policies: Templates functionality is no longer supported.


Deep Freeze Enhancements


·       Windows 10: Windows Update Cache Drive Letter
Addressed Deep Freeze Windows update caching issue on Windows 10 by assigning a drive letter to the cache folder. A Deep Freeze computer upgrade will automatically assign drive letter B:\ to the cache folder which can be updated in the Deep Freeze configuration. The caching letter will be hidden in Windows Explorer.

·       Windows 10: Feature Update Support
Now the Windows Update Task supports the installation of Feature Updates so customers can easily upgrade from build 1709 to 1803 for example. Deep Freeze will respect the Windows Update advanced options that can defer such updates.

·       Recovery Improvements
Improvements in Deep Freeze maintenance recovery process when Windows updates are not marked properly, reducing the number and duration of Thawed restarts necessary to return the computer to a Frozen State.

·       Limited Deep Freeze Admin: Deep Freeze Dashboard is now available for the 'Limited Deep Freeze Administrator' permission type under User Management.

·       Exclude System Drive from Deep Freeze Protection
Customers can now optionally configure a system drive to be Thawed.

·       Full Support for NVMe Drives
Deep Freeze is now compatible with NVMe drives using Advanced Format (4K) technology (often used in modern Mac computers).

·       Support for iSCSI Drives
Deep Freeze is now compatible with iSCSI drives.




Deep Freeze Service

25894 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze computer occasionally did not exit Deep Freeze task when keyboard and mouse were locked. (Case No. WZA-122-95267)

25859 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze computer occasionally did not exit Deep Freeze task or took a long time to switch to Frozen mode due to Windows Update failing to install. (Case No. IUQ-455-28272, BXJ-448-21297, LLW-680-71057)

25630 Resolved an issue with connecting to an iSCSI target while Deep Freeze Standard was installed.

23893 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze was unable to apply Windows 10 version 1803+ feature update.

22254 Resolved an issue where machines booted into Recovery Screen due to some system settings being reverted by third-party software or after upgrading Windows.

21238 Resolved issue where running Deep Freeze with Boot Camp on systems with NVMe-based SSD drives resulted in blue screen. (Case No. TXF-901-23028)


Active Directory Integration

25559 Resolved an issue where 'Group membership at last login' was not displaying correct information.

25558 Resolved an issue where the enforced policy was not assigned to the machine even when Enforce Policy was enabled and Agent was installed using QR code.

25557 Resolved an issue where the machine was not displayed properly belonging to its Organizational Unit.


MDM Service

25145 Resolved an issue where the license count for VPP application was not calculated properly if multiple VPP tokens were used.


Anti-Executable Service

25876 Resolved an issue where publisher certificate from the central list could not be removed.



Version 1.19.0320 (March 20, 2019)




25863 Resolved an issue where computers hang when attempting to log in to Google Drive after installing Cloud Sync. (Case No. UAR-685-27728)



Version 1.19.0311 (March 11, 2019)




25735 Resolved an issue where some web clips do not display properly on Android Devices. (Case No. QSR-508-84583)

25734 Resolved an issue where fingerprint lock cannot be configured on Android devices controlled through Faronics MDM. (Case No. XXP-808-71907)



Version 1.19.0308 (March 08, 2019)




·       MDM Service: Ability to block FaceTime

·       Policy Page: Saving Policy will remain on the Policy page and not redirect to Policies List page




25598 Resolved an issue where configuring Android for Work is failing if organization name has comma in it. (Case No. IQV-645-21394)

25733 Resolved an issue where on the Android device reboot, custom name for this device under Devices page is reverted to the original device name. (Case No. QIU-826-84227)



Version 1.19.0227 (February 27, 2019)




·       Software Updater Service: Added support for Google Drive File Stream and Google Drive Backup and Sync; removed support for Google Drive and BitTorrent Sync.



Version 1.19.0215 (February 15, 2019)




25516 Resolved an issue where MDM status page is showing incorrect information for German devices. (Case No. DFX-952-38178)



Version 1.19.0214 (February 14, 2019)




25682 Resolved an issue of not being able to download request file for Apple Push Certificate, resulting in a 404 error. (Case No. WCT-908-59811, NFV-470-30505)



Version 1.19.0201 (February 01, 2019)




Deep Freeze Mac Service

25556 Resolved an issue where customers are unable to save policy after changing heartbeat settings for Deep Freeze Mac policy.

25533 Resolved an issue where available updates for Mac Cloud Agent are not being displayed in the Upgrade Services dialog when both Windows and Mac machines are selected.

23007 Under Tasks: Resolved an issue where the correct status does not show when Deep Freeze fails to install on a machine with CoreStorage volume. (Case No. ENZ-149-83379)



Version 1.19.0124 (January 24, 2019)




25239 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze Standard Cloud Connector appears to connect to cloud but does not make the actual connection. (Deep Freeze Standard Cloud site is not created on pure Spanish machine connected to cloud.) (Case No. KKY-689-48034)

24777 Resolved an issue where email alerts are delayed after computers have been thawed. (Case no. SSS-468-52258)



Version 1.19.0118 (January 18, 2019)




Software Updater Service

25505 Resolved an issue where Irfanview is unable to update to the latest version when Software Updater tasks are performed. (Case No. MBK-473-40426)

25502 Resolved an issue where Java and Java x64 upgrades fail on both 32‑bit and 64-bit computers.

25491 Resolved an issue where downloading R fails. (Case No. QCQ-403-12619)



Version 1.19.0111 (January 11, 2019)




25401 Resolved an issue where Cloud Agent crashes on machine which is part of multiple LDAP groups. (Case No. FIO-787-79544)



Version 1.19.0104 (January 04, 2019)




·       User Management: Now Administrators can be restricted from adding users to the Cloud Console.



Version 1.19.0102 (January 02, 2019)



25877 Resolved an issue where error message 'Computer details not available' was displayed when locally scanning QR code on Deep Freeze Administrator app.

25017 Resolved an issue where the computer was stuck in Maintenance mode. (Case No. HTJ-679-18856)

22649 Resolved an issue where Cloud Agent did not communicate with the server when TLS 1.0 is disabled on the client. (Case No. ZBF-921-87558)



Version 1.18.1231 (December 2018)




WINSelect Service

25285 Resolved an issue where applications were launched but minimized in the system tray in Kiosk mode. (Case No. OVN-517-55360)

25269 Resolved an issue where double-clicking applications in WINSelect Kiosk launched them in the background. (Case No. NWT-285-23007)



Version 1.18.1226 (December 2018)




25379 Resolved an issue where the computer details page showed incorrect Anti-Virus status for protected computers. (Case No. LUH-220-77686)

25316 Resolved an issue where attempting to uninstall Cloud Agent from the Computer's view resulted in uninstall loop. (Case No. YCZ-867-28527)



Version 1.18.1214 (December 2018)


New Enhancements


·       Anti-Executable Service: Improvements in Publisher Authorization to:

o   Display selected Publishers and signatures

o   Authorize the entire Publisher with all its assigned signatures, or

o   Authorize select signatures

·       MDM Service: Support for iOS 12



Version 1.18.1207 (December 2018)




WINSelect Service

25290 Resolved an issue with creating multiple applications with the same application path in WINSelect Kiosk. (Case No. ZXV-115-58581)


Data Igloo Service

25244 Resolved an issue where uninstalling Data Igloo Cloud through policy triggered a loop. (Case No. LPM-635-26906)



Version 1.18.1123 (November 2018)


New Enhancements


·       Anti-Virus Service: Brand new modern user interface and Windows Security integration support for coming Windows Updates.

·       WINSelect Service: Configuration improvements for applications to auto-launch or hide in Kiosk Mode.

·       The menu bar for Cloud is improved and reordered for easier usability, with the option to hide Handout and Campus Affairs through 'My Profile'.

·       Under Task Status, added more details such as when the computer was last reported, initiated, and completed.

·       'Anti-Bullying' is now known as 'Incident Reporting' to better reflect the broader scope of the product.

·       On the client side, in addition to mobile-only tasks, all tasks are pulled from the Console when the QR code is scanned.





25226 Resolved an issue where Scheduled Tasks with status Not Started, Received, or Active for more than 24 hours should be moved to Failed.

24375 Resolved an issue where incorrect times were displayed in the maintenance mode reports in Deep Freeze Cloud console. (Case No. ZFG-472-22273)


Anti-Virus Service

24789 Resolved an issue where Active Protection was not enabled by Faronics Anti-Virus even though it is enabled in the policy. (Case No. TFC-657-37090)

24790 Resolved an issue where date and time formats for History and Quarantine did not reflect locale setting. (Case No. SCK-705-39741)



Version 1.18.1116 (November 2018)




Deep Freeze Service

23236 Resolved an issue where workstation task unexpectedly quit when the task notification message is too long.

23667 Resolved an issue in some circumstances where error (DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL) is displayed upon reboot.

24239 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze didd not boot into Frozen mode after 30 days from upgrading to the latest version. (Case No. AFY-265-53261)

24292 Windows 10 version 1803: Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze computer did not boot after enabling Memory Integrity in Core Isolation settings.

24675 Resolved an issue where scheduled end time for computer tasks may show incorrectly in the Configuration Administrator.

25067 Resolved an issue where set clone flag command was displaying incorrect status of Deep Freeze.



Version 1.18.1113 (November 2018)




25156 Resolved an issue where MDM was unable to display more than 100 Chrome OS Devices. (Case No. GAM-355-58048)



Version 1.18.1102 (November 2018)


New Features and Enhancements


·       Kiosk Mode has been completely redesigned with the new customizable Kiosk designer.

o   Add Application or Weblinks.

o   Command line support for Applications.

o   Customize your icon text and background color or use from Icon Gallery.

o   Customize your wallpaper background or use from Wallpaper Gallery.

o   Add company logo.

o   Add date/time.

o   Add custom text.

o   Add a Language Picker to provide kiosk in multiple languages.

o   Provide shutdown and logoff power options.

o   Support for both Landscape and Portrait orientation.

·       User session duration can be set up to 24 hours now.

·       Generate up to 1000 user session codes now.


Other Enhancements


·       Under Tasks, computer details can be viewed when users click the Computer names.

·       Deep Freeze Cloud login will automatically forward the user to the server that the user is in.




WINSelect Service

18557 Resolved an issue where random machines were reverting to blank WSD configuration. (Case No. RWI-878-37162)

22839 Resolved an issue where users were unable to switch accounts with WINSelect enabled. (Case No. GOR-790-40108)

23513 Resolved an issue where Zacoustic application was unable to launch when WINSelect is enabled. (Case No. WJM-615-12473)

24846 (Google Chrome version 69): Resolved an issue where Google Chrome was unable to launch when WINSelect KIOSK mode is enabled. (Case No. KWH-698-19886)

24973 Resolved an issue where users were unable to print from Internet Explorer File/Print menu if WINSelect is in KIOSK mode. (Case No. GTJ-410-89492, PGD-846-13386)

23546 Resolved an issue where WINSelect was not applying restrictions after installation if the WINSelect password contains a $ character (Case No. JDB-619-79763)



24888 (Deep Freeze Cloud) Part of the column chooser slides under the title bar. (Case No. VJB-460-59747)


Anti-Executable Service

25061 Resolved an issue where Anti-Executable Data Import Utility does not add publisher to selected policy even when selected.


MDM Service

25132 Unable to sync applications through Apple VPP store into Deep Freeze MDM if Artwork URL is more than 200 characters. (Case No. SMQ-806-52675)


Deep Freeze Service

25133 Incorrect cache size for the Windows Update ThawSpace listed in online user guide. (Case No. DFP-619-59916)



Version 1.18.1012 (October 2018)




24799 Resolved an issue where user is unable to update RoboForm with Usage Stats/Software Updater. (Case No. SHM-249-87058)

24146 Resolved an issue where the status of Deep Freeze is not being reported correctly when installed with no ThawSpace. (Case No. YFJ-994-29082)



Version 1.18.1011 (October 2018)




25000 Resolved an issue where Web Clips are not being received by the MDM group. (Case No. RPZ-960-33009)



Version 1.18.1009 (October 2018)




25004 Resolved an issue where the latest Mediamonkey and CDBurnerxp applications cannot be downloaded (by Software Updater client itself or through Cache Server).

24695 Resolved an issue where Irfanview installer download failed for both 32-bit and 64-bit on SUC Cache server.

24320 Resolved an issue where Software Updater logs indicate FileZilla installation failed even if the installation was successful.



Version 1.18.1004 (October 2018)




24826: Resolved an issue where machines no longer live on the network appear as offline entries under Deep Freeze Administrator. (Case No. GFM-830-87151)



Version 1.18.1001 (October 2018)




24757 Resolved an issue where completed tasks are listed as active in the Cloud Console and cannot be cleared. (Case No. NBA-408-21924)

24941 Resolved an issue where MDM application with expired certificate stops working in iOS devices.



Version 1.18.0928 (September 2018)




24826: Resolved an issue where machines no longer live on the network appear as offline entries under Deep Freeze on Demand page. (Case No. GFM-830-87151)

23673: Resolved an issue where all computers in Computers page are not showing correctly in the Deep Freeze mobile app. (Case No. HBS-383-52040, KSX-489-45616)



Version 1.18.0924 (September 2018)




24835 (Windows 7 and Google Chrome version 69): Resolved an issue where Google Chrome is unable to launch when WinSelect KIOSK mode is enabled. (Case No. LWJ-879-82480, OTN-520-71826, MXN-384-27650, GEO-904-95391, KYH-879-67930)



Version 1.18.0907 (September 2018)


New Features


·       My Sites: The total number of MDM devices for the site is now displayed under the Devices column.




20384 Resolved an issue of partially hidden button on a 1280x1024 display resolution. (Case No. KOP-769-53747)

24276 Resolved an issue where the schedule date/time function remains visible on the Upgrade Services dialog even if the users select the option to upgrade when the computer checks in.


Usage Stats Service

24635 Resolved an issue where empty rows are showing up for removed computers in 'Managed Software Usage Report By Computers'.

22535 Resolved an issue where applications are not being detected. (Case No. DQB-832-94154, YEF-312-73893)


MDM Service

24376 (Chromebook MDM) Resolved an issue of not being redirected to the correct Group when clicking the Group name in the Devices page.

24316 Resolved an issue where the same label for multiple web clips can be added.


Deep Freeze Service

20315 (Only on Mozilla Firefox browser) Resolved an issue where 'Copy to Clipboard' button is not working in the Home page.



Version 1.18.0905 (September 2018)




24722 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze would not boot into Frozen mode after 30 days from upgrading to v8.53. (Case No. RRM-519-68731)



Version 1.18.0829 (August 2018)




24676 Resolved an issue where users are not able to see their devices in the MDM Devices page. (Case No. VAR-938-12859)



Version 1.18.0801 (August 2018)




23646 Resolved an issue when email notification is not sent for reported Anti-Bullying incident (Case No. LLB-755-34541)



Version 1.18.0720 (July 2018)


New Features


·       Data Igloo: Official support for Windows 10 version 1803. 

·       Data Igloo Uninstall: Upon uninstall, all folder, user profile, and registry key redirections will now be reverted.

·       MDM Autonomous Single App Mode for iOS: Allow an app to lock itself into Single App Mode and release itself from this mode.




Data Igloo Service

23685 Resolved an issue where symbolic links created by Data Igloo are broken after sysper process (Case No. WDZ-709-19255)

23119 Resolved an issue when Data Igloo is not able to finish redirection on Windows 10 1803 (Case No. ZUU-680-79422)

15170 Resolved an issue where Data Igloo logs are showing incorrect time on machines configured with a Brussel's time zone (Case No. OWH-996-51739)


Software Updater Service

23319 Resolved an issue when Reader XI and Reader DC are displayed as installed in Software Updater reports if either of those products is installed on the computer



Version 1.18.0718 (July 2018)


New Features


·       Software Updater: Added support for VMware Horizon Client and Flash for Chrome browsers.



Version 1.18.0713 (July 2018)


New Features


·       MDM iOS Naming Scheme: Added two ways to automatically name supervised devices via the DEP settings. (1) Upload CSV file with device serial number and name; (2) Specify a device prefix that gets added to the default device name during enrollment.

·       MDM iOS Device Name: When renaming an iOS device from the device details page, the name will now get updated on the device as well.




23983 Resolved an issue where user is not able to assign computer to scheduled tasks under 'Manage Schedule' on non-English Cloud Console. (Case No. SKK-692-48783).

24172 Resolved an issue when attempt to unpair an Apple DEP account fails if the MDM server has been deleted from

24173 Resolved an issue when attempt to upload a DEP token mismatched to the DEP Public Key results in a yellow notification message box with no text.

24207 Resolved an issue when functionality of the Select All operation on the MDM Devices page inconsistent with the Select All operation on the Computers page.

24138 Resolved an issue when sending a message to a locked Chromebook results permanently sets Action Status to 'not started'.



Version 1.18.0710 (July 2018)




23733 Resolved an issue where Internet Explorer 11 would not display Deep Freeze Cloud task list. (Case No. OGR-422-75816)



Version 1.18.0630 (June 2018)


New MDM Features


·       Chromebook Support: Chromebooks can now be enrolled into Deep Freeze MDM. Key features include:

o   G Suite Integration: